About Us

Abdul Mumuni
MBA, Founder

The most crucial aspect of every business relationship is honesty and integrity, we strive to satisfy and build collaborative relationships with all our stakeholders.

Prince Boateng

Expert Logistics LLC is a Northern Virginia based company. Our company is comprised of self-motivated individuals who have great passion and vision for the business. Both the C.E.O and Vice President have successfully occupied key management and leadership offices within different multi-million U.S companies. In 2016, we came out with a great business idea branded with a grand strategy and policy, and are highly dedicated to implementing and executing our business policy to meet our business goals and the needs of our stakeholders.

We specialize in buying, selling and exporting of wholesale(large quantity) and retail(small quantity) vehicles to the West African Region of Ghana. We have an extensive and dedicated operations network of agents across our marketplace, which makes for easy receiving and delivery of the shipment. We mainly obtain our vehicles from renowned direct buying sources, our prices are very reasonable and competitive and we believe that our every customer will get quality at a very acceptable price and terms.

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